Sarah Sense – craft photography

I came across the work of Sarah Sense while researching for assignment 3. The best way of describing her work is a combination of photography, modern patchwork and weaving. Each work consists of several images cut up and woven together, using symbols from native American Chitimacha weaving. I was sufficiently interested to purchase her book Weaving The Americas, in which she crowdfunded a project where she visited artistic communities from Alaska to Argentina, taking photographs along the way. These images were altered to produce works which combine history, landscapes, cultural colours and styles, plus Sense’s own experience of encountering the similarities and difference of the various communities.


What particularly catches my attention is the way Sense uses colour theories and ideas that are similar to those of modern patchwork and quilting, as well as basket and rug weaving, as well as sometimes extending her images outside the frame. The works are highly complex and almost abstract and I have seen similar work done in textiles.Below are images from the 2014 National Quilt Festival which I attended, alongside some illustrations from Strips That Sizzle, a patchwork book I own, and finally one of my own pieces that I made about 20 years ago.


Further information on Sarah Sense’s work can be found in the links below.


Miller, M. (1992) Strips That Sizzle. Bothwell, WA: That Patchwork Place.

Sense, S (2012) Weaving the Americas: a Search for Native Art in the Western Hemisphere. Rocklin, CA: Pascoe Publishing.

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